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Welcome to my world!

About me

I enjoy active lifestyle, mountains hiking, exploring new places - especially those less known. Every free time I try to spend on the go - cycling, trekking in the mountains or on the water.

Over the past two years I walked some parts of several long-distance trails. During wanderings I can admire the beauty of nature: waterfalls, mountains, caves, spring, lakes, seas... This is my world.

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Long-distance trails

  • Spain: Camino del Norte - 800 km
  • Sweden: S√∂rmlandsleden - 1000 km
  • Poland: The Main Beskid Trail - 500 km
  • Italy: Cammino di Assisi - 350 km
5500 km walked
450 km cross-country skiing
2900 km cycled
155 mountain peaks
24 countries visited

Visited countries

Four seasons in the mountains









Travelling list


  • Spend the night in quinzee or igloo
  • Cross-country skiing in Lapland (Urho Kekkonen National Park)
  • Cross-country skiing in Slovakia
  • Camino di Assisi, 350+ km walk from Florence to Assisi
  • Yacht trip
  • Rafting on Tara River
  • See the northern lights in Iceland
  • Camino de Santiago, 350+ km walk in Spain
  • See doplhins at "The end of the world" - Finisterra
  • Winter camping
  • Visit the cave with underground lake
  • Via Ferrata in the Julian Alps (Triglav)
  • Stand behind a waterfall
  • Eat pizza in Italy
  • See volcanoes in Lanzarote Island
  • Visit Dracula Castle in Romania
  • Swimming under waterfall in Bosnia
  • See bunkers in Albania
  • Hitchhiking trip to the Balkans

To do

  • Camino de Santiago from Poland to Spain (3000+ km)
  • Swimming inside the cave
  • Trekking in Georgia
  • Spend the night in the desert
  • Bornholm by bike
  • Cross-country skiing in Alps
  • try canyoning
  • dog sledding trip
  • try diving
  • ice climbing
  • Get the Crown of Polish Mountains (20/28)
  • See all of the Canary Islands (1/7)
  • Main Beskids Trail (250/500 km)